If you’re looking for a great time, then this album, filled with cute synth anthems is your best friend!

JOY RIDES- This song reminds me of grooming at an 80s- themed costume party, at a local indoor roller skating rink.

LIGHT UP- The feel of nighttime fireworks lighting up in the sky.

MONUMENT- chorus could be mistaken as “Let’s make a monument of Allah”.

STRATOSPHERE- 0:00 Atmospheric Awesomeness. 0:12 Da Drums Doe. 0:32 Buttery Vocals of Bliss.

ALL I SEE- The perfect love song.

VITALS- A simple video game jingle.

COMPOSED- Surreal and sensual synths with smooth singing.

USED TO- When the chorus hits you… it HITS you in the soul.

BEST OF INTENTIONS- Sounds like a song Bruno Mars shoulda, woulda, coulda sung.

BULLET PROOF- Another 80s jam, man.

SAFE IF WE DON’T LOOK DOWN- This song defines CUTE.

REMAIN- A nice lullaby to finish off a party of an album!


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